A unique opportunity to own an original drawing by
Valerie Briggs
Prices from £40 - £65 Original drawings from the Worcestershire Mammals Atlas

Hedgehog by Valerie Briggs

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Visit The Wildlife Art Society International 2016 Annual Exhibition Gallery

Visit the
National Exhibition of Wildlife Art

Vale Wildlife Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre Open day

"Valerie Briggs has once again very kindly donated one of her original watercolours to Vale for our Open Day Raffle" more...

Valerie's original hare paintings, prints
and cards are now for sale on the
Hare Preservation Trust website

A donation is made to HPT from every sale.

2015 Workshops

Spaces available at Bevere Gallery.
For more information please have a look at my
Tuition Page

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George By Valerie Briggs

Valerie at Work